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Domex Laser Cut Parts

Domex is classified as one of SSAB's high strength steel materials, which is no issue for Tubecon Laser as we can laser cut parts from Domex plate with ease. For all your Domex plate laser cutting needs, give us a call and see why we are known in the market for our fast lead-times, good service and exceptional quality.

Our laser cut parts are supplied and delivered to customers across South Africa. With trucks running in the Gauteng area on a daily basis and delivering to Durban, Bloemfontein, Cape Town and various other areas multiple times a week we are not limited to certain regions.

Domex sheet metal components are known for its consistency in mechanical properties, achieved through the specific rolling process, thermo-mechanically, being closely controlled. This also ensures that it achieves the most important characteristics of this particular sheet metal, its strength, which in turn ensures that the load-bearing increases even though the weight is less.

Apart from the high strength of Domex steel plates, other advantages include good formability and weldability as well as its toughness, especially at low temperatures. Laser cutting or hot-dip galvanising can also be done with ease.Annealing, normalising and/or hot forming should only be done up to a temperature of 580° C, anything higher than this will decrease the strength of the Domex plate.

Applications for Domex laser cut parts:

  • Cranes
  • Construction trailers
  • Earthmoving machines
  • Tippers
  • Offshore structures
  • And many more

Laser cutting

The good mechanical properties of Domex sheet metals make it a good option for laser cut parts. Good quality can be maintained throughout high cutting speeds. The quality of the cut surface is good, with the surface being smooth and only small burrs are visible on the edge. The exceptional quality of Domex laser cut parts are due to the plate's chemical composition, tight thickness tolerances and the consistent mechanical properties

The parameters used for laser cutting Domex steel paltes can be kept the same as that of unalloyed steel, like S235.


Domex steel plates can be bent with ease if the correct parameters are used and controlled during the bending process. It is necessary to ensure that the bending line and rolling direction are a 90° angle. The surface should be in good quality with no burrs.

The force required to bend a Domex sheet metal is determined by the length and plate thickness, the width of the die as well as its tensile strength.

Tubecon Laser is able to cut Domex or alternatives with ease, delivering the best quality in the shortest time. Give our laser sales team a call for any enquiries.


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