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Stainless Steel Laser Cut

Tubecon Laser, a specialist in laser cutting, is situated in Pretoria, South Africa. We are proud to be known in the market for our fast lead times, high quality sheet metal components and exceptional services. Stainless steel grades are some of the first materials we started cutting.

Stainless steel grades can be used in the following applications:

Stainless Steel Application
3CR12 Cooling towers, rail cars, handling equipment, ladders, walkways.
430 Sinks, kitchen utensils, roofing.
2304 Process vessels, pollution control, petroleum industries.
2205 Chemical, pulp, paper, mining industries.
301 Conveyor belts, wiper blades, utensils, aircraft components.
304 Cookware, sinks, hospitals, abattoirs.
316 Furnace components, industries like paper, petrochemical, tanks.
309 High temperature containers, exhaust systems, furnace parts.
310 Radiant tubes, muffles, furnace parts.

Stainless steel laser cut part' properties will depend on the type of stainless used as each grade has its own unique set of properties suitable for different applications. However corrosion, rust and stain resistance are the main properties found in the different stainless steel materials.

Delivery of sheet metal components are done on a daily basis throughout the Gauteng area. High quality laser cut parts are also delivered in Bloemfontein, Potchefstroom, Durban and Cape Town two to three times per week.


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