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Checkered Plate

Tubecon Laser, a specialist in plate laser cutting, believes in exploring new opportunities and ensuring continuous growth. The newest addition to our material range from which we are able to laser cut high quality sheet metal components, is that of Vastrap (also known as Checkered Plate) steel plate. Available in both hot rolled and aluminium steel.

Vastrap material refers to steel plates with a 1.6mm high pattern on top of the plate to provide a better non-slip grip. Better known as steel floor and checkered plate, Vastrap base plates are mainly used for floors, decks and stairs.

  • Thicknesses available for laser cut parts:
  • Thickness of plate - Thickness including pattern
  • 3.0mm - 4.6mm
  • 4.5mm - 6.1mm
  • 6.0mm - 7.6mm
  • 8.0mm - 9.6mm

Bending of Checkered base plates for smaller than 4.5mm thickness is possible if the mandrel diameter is 6.0 times that of the plate thickness. By making use of a standard metal arc process Vastrap floor plate is easily weldable.

Our laser cutting capabilities will ensure that we give our customers the highest quality Vastrap laser cut parts perfectly cut to customer specifications.


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