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Laser Cutting

Different processes for cutting sheet metal components are available in the market, each with their own capabilities to suit different requirements. Tubecon Laser specializes in plate laser cutting and bending. Laser cutting is a form of separation, where the laer cut parts are separated form the rest of the plate by the laser beam which cuts straight through the steel sheet without losing metal. Laser cutting gives the customer good quality, smooth finish and a straight cut.

Our laser cutting services are known in the market for its high quality, fast deliverytimes and our exceptional service, supplied to customers throughout South Africa. Our laser capabilities allow us to laser cut parts as large as 6 x 2meters with a thickness up to 22mm. Mild steel, stainless steels, Hardox, Domex and Aluminium are a short list of the materials that our laser can cut. Various industries make use of our laser cutting services for their sheet metal component requirements.

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