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Drilling holes in sheet metal

Metal drilling is a commonly used technique for producing holes in sheet metal. If you require specific levels of roughness or if the diameter of the hole must be smaller than the sheet thickness, the holes must be drilled. Most common drilling holes measure 1 mm to 50 mm.

Driling, Milling or Cutting Holes

Usually holes with diameters of up to 50 mm can be drilled; larger holes can be CNC-milled or cut. Our milling machines are fitted with drilling tools for quickly drilling large holes or large series of holes. In addition reaming and boring services are also offered by these machines..

There are several ways of producing holes in sheet metal. The first option for producing holes is cutting. Plasma cutting, flame cutting and laser cutting technologies are suitable for producing holes in sheet metal. But these options can only be applied if the diameter of the hole is larger than the sheet thickness. The edge of cut holes is rougher than the edge of drilled holes. If there are specific roughness or tolerance requirements, it is better to drill rather than cut the holes.

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