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Laser Cutting Sheet Metal Components

Various forming processes to manufacture sheet metal components out of a wide range of materials are available in the South African market. Tubecon Laser specializes in the laser cutting and bending of sheet metal. The continuous improvement nature of the company gives us the ability to recognise gaps in the market which enable us to grow and add more processes to our production.

Our fibre laser is able to cut various materials with thicknesses ranging from 0.9 to 22mm out of up to 6 x 2m sheets. High levels of standard materials like mild steel and various stainless steel grades are kept in stock to ensure that our lead time is as fast as possible. Hardox, Weldox and Domex are some of the non-stock standard materials we are capable of laser cutting with ease.

Laser cut parts are manufactured and supplied to engineering, manufacturing, construction, moulders, trailer manufacturers and other industries in the South African market. Each industry and, most of the time, each company within the various industries use different sheet metal components to best suit their applications.

Tubecon Laser is known in the market for our exceptional service, high quality laser cutting and fast lead times. DFX's with the laser cut parts required can be send through to out sales team who will assist from the quoting process right through to after the customer's parts are delivered. We can, when required, assist with drawings for our quoting purposes.

Delivery of laser cut parts are done in Gauteng area on a daily basis and Durban, Bloemfontein and Cape Town areas are delivered to multiple times per week

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