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History of the Tollenaar Group

The Tollenaar Group consists of five companies in four different locations, each with their own specialities. The group started in 1977 in South Africa with the establishment of Tubecon Africa. Situated in Pretoria, South Africa, Tubecon Africa manufactured sockets, bends, clamps and related products. Not long after they began manufacturing steel tubes and hollow sections. First only by conversion on draw benches but then later also manufacturing the welded steel tubes completely from strip on ERW tube mills. Right from the start Tubecon's aim has been to be the best and fastest leading steel tube and profile manufacturer and we have achieved that goal through acting as a manufacturer and stockholder to provide high levels of stock availability to be able to keep our lead-times as short as possible.

In 2000 the Tollenaar family went to the Netherlands where they bought a metal company from the Hullen family, with a rich history dating back to the 18th century, based in Zwole. The company's name was changed to Tosec. Tosec, specialising in sheet metal working with over 16 different sheet operations including welding, laser cutting, setting and milling.

Rime, the 3rd company bought by the Tollenaar Family in 2007, is situated in Germany. They specialize in the process of sheet metal components. The name of the company was kept and they also invested in a machining department. With over 20 years of experience in the processing of sheet metal, since 2007 they have grown with operations consisting of milling, punching, laser cutting, profile cutting and welding. A 16 meter press brake and 16m 3D laser cutter was added in addition to the existing 6 meter laser cutters and 8 meter press brakes.

The fourth company of the Tollenaar Group, TME, was established in 2013. Various industries are supplied with THME's self-designed and custom build machinery, equipment and turn-key plants. The establishment of TME, the engineering became independent and extended with knowledge and experienced engineers in the asphalt, bulk and concrete industry. It is quickly growing into an all-round engineering and machine-building firm.

In 2013, Tubecon Laser, the fifth and most recent company was established. Based in Pretoria, South Africa, on the same premises as Tubecon Africa they are able to supply sheet metal components right across Souther Africa. Tubecon Laser specializes in laser cutting various steel grades.

The Tollenaar Group is aimed at growing and investing in personnel, machines, tools and technical knowledge. We hope to always provide you, as the customer, with service and products with exceptional quality. We will always be prepared to invest in improvements that will push our customers towards a growing tomorrow.


Rime GmbH
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Tubecon PTY
Pretoria, South Africa
Zwolle, Netherlands
Tosec BV
Zwolle, Netherlands




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