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Weldox Laser Cut Parts

Tubecon Laser is able to laser cut sheet metal components from a wide variety of materials, including Weldox. Deliveries of laser cut parts throughout Gauteng, the day after production concluded, is no issue for us. We are however not limited to the Gauteng area, with trucks running to Cape Town, Durban and Bloemfontein two to three times a week and numerous other areas we can deliver throughout South Africa. We pride ourselves on fast lead-times, good service and laser cut parts with outstanding quality. Send the drawings of your sheet metal components through to and give us a try.

Weldox, manufactured by SSAB, is classified as a high strength steel intended for load carrying structures with less weight but at the same strength as the rest. Industries like bridge and building construction, the mining industries as well as earthmoving uses Weldox steel plates. Windmills, excavators, cranes, bridges and bulldozers are only a few applications for these Weldox laser cut parts.

Weldox steel plate's flat surface, the precise tolerances and the inner stress being low makes it a very high quality, extra-high strength steel. Even though the sheet metal's machinability is very good, it is important to know how the material will behave during welding, laser cutting and/or bending. During the laser cutting process the heat affected zone's temperature should be continuously controlled.

Bending Weldox

A few things need to be checked before a Weldox wear plate can be bend. This includes the rolling direction, which should be 90 degrees to the bend line, a clean surface due to the fact that damages influences the bendability of Weldox wear plates negatively. It is also important to ensure that the tools are in good condition and harder than the plate to prevent damage to the tools.

When bending a Weldox wear plate it is important to remember the possibility of a springback and that trying to rebend will decrease the bendability of the plate. The die width directly influences the springback, increasing the die width will increase the springback, the die width should ensure that there is room to over-bend.

Laser Cutting Weldox

The parameters used for laser cutting mild steel can be kept the same when laser cutting Weldox plates. To be able to get the highest possible cutting speed vaporizing may be required, while preheating may only cause harm to the sheet metal.


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