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Working at Tubecon Laser

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Tubecon Laser is a metal company based in Pretoria, Gauteng. At Tubecon Laser we like to believe that each individual can develop him- or herself within the scope of their daily activities at our company. A lot is demanded from all the staff members and therefore the selection process for any new candidates is very strict.Once you become part of Tubecon Laser stagnation will be prohibited by making sure that each staff member continuously develop his or her abilities, skills, character and talents. We like to believe that this is one of the reasons for the friendly and dynamic atmosphere at Tubecon Laser.

Tubecon Laser believes that continuous growth and improvement is a necessity rather than an option. As we strive to achieve better quality in the manufacturing of our laser cut products, our employees will ensure that this improvement happens on a continuous basis. We push our employees to constantly think outside the box in order to improve not only the quality, but also our systems and methods to make us the best laser cutting company in Gauteng, Cape Town and the whole of Southern Africa.

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